Cardio balance tea


Cardio balance tea with Altai Ziziphora

The Shanga Zurhen Cardio Balance Tea is developed in full conformity with the Tibetan principles of strengthening and protecting the cardiovascular system.
Do you know what Ziziphora is famous for?
Coming home to their yurts and to a hot mug of Ziziphora tea with a pat of yak butter floating on top after a hard day of wolf hunting on horseback with berkuts (the big Siberian eagles they hunt with) is an ancient tradition of Altai nomads. They believed that Ziziphora invigorates the heart and nourishes the blood.


Hawthorn fruits (Crataegus sanguinea), Motherwort herb (Leonurus cordiaca), Lemon balm leaves (Melissa officinalis), Raspberry leaves (Rubus idaeus), Marsh cudweed herb (Gnaphalium uliginosum), Altay ziziphora herb (Ziziphora bungeana).

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