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Cleansing tea with Kuril Tea leaves

Translated from the Buryat language, “Seber Nuur” means “crystal lake”. Thus the Seber Nuur Cleansing Tea helps to maintain the internal purity of our body.
Do you know what Kuril tea is famous for?
In Siberia, this famous herb is named after the Kuril islands, where sailors used it instead of common tea. However, the Baikal people had known of its cleansing properties long before. They say that it was dogs that taught people how to use this herb. Seriously sick animals with some sort of poisoning sought out this herb because it offered them relief. Since then local people
have always used it for alleviating any indigestion.

Due to its unique cleansing properties, “Seber Nuur” tea is also recommended as a universal remedy, which enhances the effectiveness of the treatment regimens used in most diseases.

Use: Brew 1 tea bag for 5-7 minutes in a cup (8 oz.) of boiling water. Contains 30 tea bags.




Senna leaves (Cassia Angustifolia), Blackcurrant leaves (Ribes nigrum), Cardamom fruits (Elettaria cardamonum), Kuril tea herb (Pentaphylloides fruticosa) Red clover herb (Trifolium pratense), Burdock root (Arctium lappa), Chamomile flowers (Chamomilla Recutita), Nettle leaves (Urtica dioica).


Phytotea “Seber Nuur” has a normalizing effect on several important organs and systems responsible for maintaining the purity of the internal environment at the same time: it activates the cleansing functions of the intestine due to the mild laxative effect of senna and cardamom. The tea normalizes the intestinal microflora due to the Kuril tea in the composition.

activates the purifying functions of urinary organs and normalizes the water-salt balance due to the mild diuretic action of currant leaves, cardamom and clover grass activates the cleansing functions of the liver due to the mild cholagogic action of the Kuril tea and burdock root, stimulates the detoxifying enzymes of the liver under the influence of the active components of the nettle. stimulates skin cleansing functions due to the sweating property of currant and clover grass. It also normalizes the protective functions of the immune system due to the anti-allergic and immunomodulatory effects of red clover and burdock

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    Best Detox tea from the Siberian health club, now feeling refreshed.

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