Intestinal balance tea


Intestinal balance tea with Siberian Thoroughwax

The Kuril Sai Intestinal Balance Tea helps normalize digestion and intestinal flora and detoxify the liver. Do you know what Siberian thoroughwax is famous for?
Local Buryat people call this herb «Hare’s ear» due to the shape of the plant’s leaves, which resemble small hare’s ears. Thoroughwax is one of the most revered herbs both in Chinese and Buryat-Tibetan medicine. But whereas in China they use only roots, the Buryat people use mostly the aerial parts of thoroughwax which are far richer in active ingredients especially for the digestive system.

The benefits:

  • strengthened immunity and reduced risk of colds, almost to zero
  • reduces the risk of intestinal dysbiosis, normalizes the exchange of fats.And most importantly, all this is achieved not by painful procedures, but by the regular tea drinking of a delicious and aromatic tea.

Use: Brew 1 tea bag for 5-7 minutes in a cup (8 oz.) of boiling water. Contains 30 tea bags.



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Siberian thoroughwax herb (Bupleurum sibiricum), Kuril tea herb (Pentaphylloides fruticosa), Chamomile herb (Chamomilla officinalis), Plantain herb (Plantago major), Rose hips fruits (Rosa majalis).


Curative tea “Kuril sai” is created on the basis of medicinal plants of Pribaikalye, the Small Sea and Olkhon Island, using the ancient Buryat recipe.

Tea regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and gallbladder, restores the intestinal microflora, can be used in weight correction regimes. In addition, “Kuril sai” has a beneficial effect on stomach diseases, duodenum, liver, pancreas, cholecystitis, dysbiosis, gastritis and colitis.

Taking into account the content of vitamin C, Kuril tea exceeds the usual tea by 15 times, lemon – 5 times with the regular use of Kuril tea

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