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Joint comfort tea with Altay Saberweed

The cleansing formula of the Uyan Nomo Joint Comfort Tea helps normalize the water and mineral balance in the joints.
Do you know what Altay saberweed is famous for?

Every autumn after the first frost, Siberian women went to gather cranberries from the marshes and swamps to provide their families with vitamins for the upcoming winter. Standing in the frigid water, they often developed serious joint pain. The ancient remedy they always used is a small marsh herb, known as Altay saberweed.

Natural sources of minerals (hip rose and horsetail) support bone strength.

Use: Brew 1 tea bag for 5-7 minutes in a cup (8 oz.) of boiling water. Contains 30 tea bags.

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Blackcurrant leaves (Ribes nigrum), Rosehips fruits (Rosa majalis), Meadowsweet herb (Filipendula ulmaria), Ural licorice root (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), Horsetail herb (Equisetum arvense), Foxberry leaves (Vaccinium vitis-idaea),  Altay saberweed herb (Comarum palustre).


The recipe for phyto tea “Uyan nomo” is based on the ideas of Buryat medicine that our joints lose flexibility due to the stagnation of the joint fluid and the precipitation of calcium salts. That is why such tea is irreplaceable for people of mature age, in whom stagnation of fluid in the body occurs due to a decrease in physical activity, as well as for people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Purifying plant complex of the phyto tea “Uyan nomo” (leaves of cranberries, black currant, sabelnik grass and horsetail) contributes to the normalization of water and mineral exchange in the joints, prevents the deposition of salt and harmful metabolic products in them. The natural anti-inflammatory complex (caress and licorice roots) eliminates swelling and inflammation. Sources of vitamin C and bioflavonoids (leaves of cowberry, hips) provide strength and wear resistance of joints, as well as the synthesis of collagen fibers that form the framework of articular cartilage.

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    Best organic herbal tea for fitness

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